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Bailey Controls
CLC03/04 Loop Command Controller is a dual-loop controller for a wide variety of process application. Features a high resolution gas plasma display for process variable setpoint, control output, hand/auto and loop-to-loop monitoring.

The CLC03 features on-board storage for more than 75 Bailey Function Codes to simplify configuration and enhance controller flexibility. The CLC04 adds advanced functions rivaling most process computers.

CSC01 Sequence Command Controller is designed to handle applications that previously required several devices to perform sequential logic functions. The CSC01 accommodates 16 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs. For applications requiring additional I/O, up to 3 CSC91 can be linked as slave units.

The CSC01 includes an on-board library of more than 60 Function Codes, and also features a simplified configuration mode called Easy Step Plus.

CBC01 Batch Command Controller holds up to 99 recipesk and parameters can be adjusted on run. I/O capabilities include high and low level analog, frequency, and digital inputs. Configuration is via Bailey Function code algorithms stored in the non-volitile memory or the Easy Step configuration sequence.
CIC01 Computer Interface Command is a stand-alone communication device that serves as a link between a host device and the Command Series module bus communications network. The CIC01 supports the PC-based Process Control View console, and provides an interface for monitoring and control of over 500 points.
CPC01 Process Command Controller is a 1/4 DIN sized single-loop PID controller/indicator. An isolated analog input is user-selectable for RTD, millamp, volt, or millivolt input.
Loop Command Application Notes A-NE92-500-1