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Bailey Controls
Inventory & Pricing Information 762, 820, 861 and Transalarm 2 click here

762 Control Line
6624090A1 OR
6624226A1 I2A
6624243A1 NOT
6624266C1 Aux Relay A
6624280A1 Gated Switch
6624523A1 Memory
6624527J1 24 V Input Buffer
6624527J3 125 V Input Buffer
6624641K1 Delay
6624705A1 Pulse Delay
6626274-1 Toggle Switch (3 or 4)
6629543A1 Sequence
6631125J1 Flamon Flicker Detector
6632496A1 Null Detector
RK-211-052-AD Asea Relay
RK-211-073-AD Asea Relay
RK-211-185-AD Asea Relay
820 Control Line
6623187x1 Tri-Stable Relay
6623695 Summer + Bias
6623695F2 Summer + Bias + Inverter
6623819G1 Signal Monitor
6623835-1 DC Signal Generator (1)
6623835-2 DC Signal Generator (2)
6623835-3 DC Signal Generator (3)
6623835F3 DC Signal Generator
6623840x1 Transfer Relay
6624080M2 Multiplier (Error)
6624080x1 Static Multiplier
662408M1 Multiplier
6624120F1 Signal lag
6624125x1 Derivative
66241501A1 Summer + Integral Card
6624151A1 Summer + Prop + Intergal (2 wide)
6624151J2C Summer + Prop + Integral Card
6624200G1 Rate Limited Follower
6624200x1 Signal Follower
6624201x1 Summer Extension
6624261F1 Signal Limiter
6624505E1 Square Root Extractor
6624520x1 Analog Memory
66245271.2 Static Input Buffer (-125v) Card
6624543G2 3 Input Auctioneer
6624543G1 2 Input Auctioneer
6624609L1 Input Buffer Voltage Card
6624610A1 Input Buffer Current Card
6624610A1H Input Buffer Card (empty)
6624615x1 Input Buffer Current Card
6624665F1 Function Generator
6624913A2 118 VAC Auxiliary Relay Card
6624913F1 24VDC Aux Relay Card
6625070D1 Supply Monitor
6625160x1 Pulser
6625302A1 Card Extender (cable)
6625621E1 E/I Converter
6625621E1 Transfer Relay Delay
6625712x1 mV/V Converter
6626326A1 Test Jack (isolated buffer)
6626747G1 Input Buffer (voltage output converter)
6626806-1 Input Buffer (voltage divider)
6626951-1 820 Station Enclosure (1 unit)
6626951-2 820 Station Enclosure (2 unit)
6626951-9 820 Station Enclosure (9 unit)
6626951-12 820 Station Enclosure (12 unit)
6626951-15 820 Station Enclosure (15 unit)
6627090B1 Time Delay Relay
6627090B2 Time Delay Relay
6627094-1 H/A Station Extender (cable)
6629530K2C Summer + Prop + Intergral (1 wide)
662953622 Summer + Integral Card
6629536M2 Summer + Integral (1 wide)
6631808A1 Pulverizer Control Stations
6631812A1 Flamon Indication Panel
6631815A1 Pulverizer Status Station
6632875A2 Transfer Relay Delay
691370D1 Gated Switch
Indicator Extender (cable)
Meter Station (digital)
RY2221 Dual Edgewise Meters
TG-30 Bias + Meter Station (analog)
TG11 Setpoint Station
TG20 Bias Station
TO10 Blank Station
TT20 H/A Station
TY10 Meter Station (1 analog)
TY20 Meter Station (2 analog)
861 Logic System
L30805B2 SSI Card
L32262A1 Output Buffer
L33896B1 Extender Card
L34701A1 MC-1 Card
L40189A1 G/L Card
Transalarm 2 Cards
9190 Service Card
9194 Sequence Card