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Bailey Controls
7000 Control System Line is the second generation electronic control system introduced by Bailey (after the 820 Control Line), in both the "split" and unitized architecture.

7000 Control System Line was designed particularly for the chemical and petroleum industry.

722001AAAA2 Manual Unit
723001AAAA1 Proportional Delay
724020AAAA1 Logic Unit
725XX0AAAA1 Proportional Pulse Unit
740X11A(C)AAA2 mV Converter
741110AAAA2 Rate Limited Signal Follower
741210AAAA2 Rate Limited Signal Follower
744X10AAAA2 Difference Alarm
745110AAAA2 Single Alarm
745210AAAA2 Dual Alarm
746110AAAA2 Signal Limiter Single
746210AAAA2 Signal Limiter Signle
747010AAAA2 Signal Selector
750010AAAA2 Square Root Extractor
751010AAAA2 Scalar
752410AAAA2 2 and 4 Input Summer
753010AAAA2 Multiplier/Divider
754010AAAA2 Function Generator
755010AAAA2 Dynamic Compensator
768015AAAA1 Indicator Compensator
781012AAAA1 Control Unit
782011AAAA1 Proportional Unit
7860X1AAAA1 Computer/Manual Interface Unit
787110AAAA1 CMA Interface Unit